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Zoom 200ml Pouch – 12 Pack – Mango


Nothing refreshes like zoom. the ultimate thirst quencher!

Tasty and fruity, zoom fruit flavoured cold drinks are available in 5 different flavours. the natural tasting flours of orange, mango, apple, pineapple and raspberry ensure that there is a wide enough selection in order for kids to enjoy a special treat each and every day.

Whether tucked into a school lunch box or in the grocery cupboard at home, zoom is always available during study and play to provide vitamin c enriched and tartrazine free refreshing drink.

Zoom is locally manufactured in alrode south and uses only natural sugar. hygienic straws are placed in the pouches with extra care to ensure that each and everyone has their individual straws. ……tender loving care…..ensure that your favourite juice is readily available for drinking at any time…

100% tartazine free and vitamin c enriched.

“Inspired by nature, blended by us!”

Size: 200ml

Quantity: 12 per Pack

Get 2 for R70
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